The Arrangement of Our Flags

A few years ago we decided to display the Christian flag above the American flag on our property. This captured the attention of the local news media, including the paper and a local TV station. Although this upset some area veterans (which was not our intention), we were especially surprised at some of the hostile comments we received from people, most of which sprang from abysmal ignorance regarding the deep Christian roots of our country. We were accused of advocating some kind of a theocracy as is found in many Muslim countries. We were accused of being intolerant, bigoted, and hostile toward those who do not share our worldview. We were accused of trying to impose our Christian views on the culture. All of these accusations were utterly unfounded. The point of the flag display was (and is) merely to remind all Americans that we are One Nation Under God, which is part of our pledge. Even our currency still has the motto, “In God We Trust.” These expressions did not spring from a vacuum. Our spiritual heritage extends back to the colonial days!

When we look back to our founding fathers, we can easily find in their personal and public documents any number of references to God, the Bible, the Christian faith, and biblical morality. The Christian worldview clearly forms the background to the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. Even deists like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin recognized, even respected, the role of Divine Providence in the forming of the nation.

Unfortunately, post-modern relativists and secularists have attempted to rewrite our history, remove God from His central role in our nation’s founding, and propagate both in public and private education a revisionist ideology that is utterly foreign to our nation’s heritage. When the time-honored, thoroughly documented view—the historical one– seeks the hearing it once enjoyed, these zealots suppress it through mockery, threats, and intimidation. The terrible Supreme Court decision regarding marriage, the ridiculous attempts of the previous administration in Washington to reshape society at the expense of our nation’s children, the absurd restroom and locker room policies being pushed by major corporations, sports leagues, activist judges, and others are the sad legacy of this relativist worldview. To be sure, such people are entitled to their viewpoint, which is also part of the very First Amendment they usually ignore, but we at this ministry and law firm will not stand by and do nothing! Alarming trends such as these are our reasons for flying the Christian flag above the U.S. flag. We would not have been compelled to do this even ten years ago! But unless this nation returns to God, in ten years we will have no country!