Covid-19 and Your Ministry

My last blog post was on January 8th, and since that time we have witnessed seismic events in our nation that have rocked it to its very core.

When Covid-19 reached our shores from China, we had little idea of the kind of destructive impact it would have on our population, our economy, our education systems, our government, and especially our houses of worship. We have been deluged with conflicting information from so-called health experts. Many of our governors have issued draconian executive orders that have greatly limited our freedoms, all for the sake of keeping us safe. Although generally well-intended, the effects are damaging to our American way of life. We are not accustomed to elected "servants" issuing orders that are both arbitrary and broad-sweeping. What especially disturbs us are the numerous examples of discrimination against houses of worship. These orders, in many cases, are not consistently and fairly applied. If you are a pastor, a Christian leader, or another person in a position of leadership over your religious organization, you are invited to contact us for help. Alternatively, we recommend you contact one of the allied organizations located elsewhere on our site. The First Amendment didn't "go away" because of a virus!

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