A Chaplain ... at a Law Firm?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

In the many years I have served as the chaplain of Christian Rights Ministries, Inc., I get puzzled looks from many people when I tell them what I do. The idea of having a chaplain at a law firm truly seems incongruous. What does "law" have to do with "religion?" Yet, if we think about this, even for a little while, we will come to realize that when people visit our law office, they often have more than just legal problems. Some of them are reeling from a tough divorce, or are engaged in a custody battle. Others are deeply worried about their finances and are facing bankruptcy or the loss of their home. And still others are upset over traffic fines or criminal charges. And so when our attorneys sit down with clients and open the meeting with prayer, many of them are surprised, but nearly all of them are appreciative. And for those clients who need to talk to someone further, the chaplain is there, ready to help.

Both of our sister ministries, The Alliance Legal Group, PLLC, and Christian Rights Ministries, Inc., are deeply committed to advancing the kingdom of God. Our ministries are unique in that they are saturated with the Christian world and life view in our daily activities. There is no distinction between "secular law" and "spiritual life," for in addition to helping clients, we have Bible studies and prayer sessions for our staff and interested clients. We strive to keep people informed about news and events that affect their Christian faith. And, as our website indicates, we address the larger issues of religious freedom, the sanctity of human life, and the God-ordained family.

As our web ministry grows, we hope you will return regularly. We want to be a resource for everyone, but especially believers who are feeling the pressure, indeed the intolerance, of an increasingly secular culture. We want you to know that you are not alone. We will stand with you as you stand for Christ. And please, keep in touch!

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