Our area of concerns are listed below:

The Sanctity of Life
The Bible in Public Schools
Support of Traditional Marriage
Prayer and Religion in Schools
Support of the Traditional Family
Expression of Faith in the Public School
Supporting Bible Clubs in Public Schools
Opposing the Public Funding of Abortion
Protecting the Community from Pornography
Government Violation of First Amendment Rights
The Right of Religious Expression at Christmas Time
Defending against the intolerance of the LGBT agenda
Educating Americans about Our Rich Spiritual Heritage
The Rights of Christians to use Public Facilities for Events
Boycotting Corporations Supporting Homosexual Activism
Protecting Faith Symbols in Public Facilities and Government Properties
The Education of American Citizens Regarding our Rich Spiritual Heritage
Correcting Misconceptions Regarding the “Separation of Church and State”
Standing against radical and “genderless” restroom and locker room policies
Support of Human Rights, including Persecuted Christians around the World
Support of Parent-based, Parent-centered educational choice for their children
Expression of Faith and/or dealing with religious discrimination in the Workplace
The Education and Protection of Local Churches regarding Government Intrusion